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40 Days for Life Fall Campaign 2019

40 Days for Life is an internationally coordinated 40-day campaign that aims to end abortion locally through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a peaceful all-day vigil in front of abortion businesses.


3825 Wolverine St. NE Salem, OR

For More information or to sign up, go to:


Salem’s Life Chain Fall 2019

Preparations are underway for National Life Chain Sunday October 6, 2019. Life Chain is a peaceful, prayerful pro-life witness held on sidewalks throughout the U.S. and Canada. Last year, over 1500 cities and towns joined the annual event.  Participants hold signs with intent to save at-risk preborn children and to end abortion cruelty. Among the signs are Abortion Kills Children, Abortion Hurts Women, Adoption the Loving Option, Jesus Forgives and Heals, Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation, Life-The First Inalienable Right, and Pregnant? Need Help? 1-800-712-HELP.

According to the Oregon Health Authority 694 pre-born babies died in Marion/Polk county in 2018.

Church-oriented and pastor-focused, Life Chain encourages clergy of all Christian faiths to lead their congregations to their local sidewalk for a time of public witness, solemn reflection, and personal prayer. Non-Christians devoted to pro-life are also welcome.


Salem’s Life Chain will again be held on Lancaster Drive, October 6th (the day before the Supreme Court goes back into session) from 2:30-3:30pm. Signs will be available at Academy Square at 1:30pm. In addition to the Lancaster site several Salem churches are holding their own Life Chain near their church site.

Stayton will be holding their first Life Chain October 6, 2:30-3:30pm on First Street in Stayton. Signs will be available at Calvary Lutheran Church at First and Fern Ridge Rd.

Pick up Signs

You may pick up signs at Academy Square on Lancaster Drive in Salem at: 1046 Lancaster Dr. NE

Salem Evangelical at: 455 Locust St NE

Or in Stayton at Calvary Lutheran: 198 Fern Ridge Rd SE Stayton

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